Poorland, Richland and Goodland

Poorland, Richland and Goodland

A parable of three diverse lands

Once upon a time there were three nations, Poorland, Richland and Goodland.  Where one land ended the new one began.

Each country lived separate.  Hardly anyone ventured out beyond the borders.  Mysterious stories were told by those who went and came back.  Both, Poorland and Richland thrived on the preset rules and deep rooted beliefs that the rules are there to protect their survival, thus shall not be changed or even challenged.  Seasons came and went, babies were born and people died, and everyone learned to be content in the place where they lived.  Everyone, even in Goodland, believed that their land is the best to live in.

One day a traveler from a far away land wandered into Poorland.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the stranger.  He did not fit in, there was something strange about him.  Would he understand their rules?

To be poor was good.  You have to work super hard for anything you need.  Dreaming of a better life is dangerous, because dreams do not come true.

People walked the streets in tattered, dirty clothes and seemed content about it.  They were proud of who they were.  “This is how God made us.” They said.  “We grow our food and eat little.  We do not have big machines to help us like in Richland, and we do not want them anyway.   We sing and dance, speak in a simple language and we like it.  We do not need fancy books and education to make us better.  We are hard working people.  The world would end without us.  We are good people.  To be rich is not right!  We hate Richland and all the people in it.  They do not work as hard as us!  Everything comes to easy them.  They can keep their laundry machines and fancy food.”

Out of nowhere, one child shouted, ” It is not fair that God gave it to them and not to us!” Immediately she was scorned by the elders.  ” We may be simple, but we are proud of who we are!  Join us fellow traveler, stay and live with us.”

The traveler thought to himself, there must be more in this world.  He thanked the good hard working people in Poorland for welcoming him and said, “I had a dream…” and before he could finish speaking, people started to scream frantically, “Dreamer! Be aware of the dreamer!”  In a split second the hospitality of the Poorland people turned into hostility.  A mother guided her little girl to take a burning stick and burn this stranger who dared to dream that there is something better than this!  Startled, the traveler looked at the innocent little girl whose mother molded her to hate anyone who wanted something more from life. Sadly he understood, the fears protected survival, dreams threatened it.  The traveler ran and ran until he reached the bridge leading into Richland!

As he entered Richland, the traveler saw that life in Richland was spectacular! People wore beautiful clothes, had luxurious houses, and ate an abundance of delicious food.  The traveler thought, this is a life one can have!  Immediately, he was offered a great job with a handsome salary, but under one condition.  He would never communicate with Poorland.  Poorland was a poison, a threat to the people of Richland.  People in Richland worked hard and were rich. Ambitions were encouraged.  The school offered the best education one can imagine.

And so it appeared they had everything.  Life was good in Richland.  One day the traveler noticed something strange.  Abundance was overflowing here, but fears were ruling the land.  The fears of becoming poor.  The fears of people from Poorland who could come at any time and steal their possessions, and they did on occasions.  The fears of losing the life they cherish.  Even the fears that someone has more than they have.

The traveler thought, this cannot be the end of my journey, there must be something more.  Both of these cites live in such extremes, one bottom poor, one profusely rich, yet both saturated in constant fears and anger.  Could they reach out to each other for help, pondered the traveler, could they love each other?

He politely declined the offer to stay in Richland, and just as in Poorland, hospitality turned into hostility and the traveler ran for his life.

Lost on the road he learned that people from Richland do not travel because they are afraid of robbers and sudden misfortunes.  There were only a few, very few who allowed themselves to dream that there must be something more than just Poorland or Richland.  The traveler thought, Could there be a land where you could live without fears and control?  Could you be abundant?  Could you be happy?  Would you find meaning of life?  And as he dreamed his dream he saw a light flickering far in distance.  It was a bridge with an illuminated sign that read “Welcome to Goodland.”

Wondering in his mind what kind of land is this he crossed the bridge just to see another sign, “Let go and let God.”  He saw beautiful landscape, smart, ecofficient houses, chatting, happy people enjoying picnics in the meadow, and joyful kids running and screaming.

The traveler asked curiously, “Why is everyone so peaceful here?  Why is there no one watching the bridge?  Why is no one afraid of invaders from Poorland or Richland?”

“Everyone is welcomed here” answered a beautiful women beside of him, “But not everyone likes to stay.”  She smiled at his confused expression.  “We have successful businesses, advanced health care, and we can buy anything we want.  We can travel the world.  We have all we need.  Yet that does not define us.  We learned that anyone can be abundant, yet there is a difference.  Our abundance streams from love, thus is everlasting.  Love is the source that created this land you see.

In Goodland we are employed by God.  Every morning we still our mind and ask, how can I be in service to humanity?  Each of us receives intuitively an assignment and we all get rewarded.

We put others ahead of ourselves.  We are in service to humanity every single day, we live with joy and peace in our heart.  Same as anywhere else, we have good days and bad days,  but we fully trust in the higher force that created us, and we know we do not have to be afraid of anything.  When one thing comes to end, there is an opportunity for a new one to emerge.  Those who come here with the attitude of how rich will I get, or who have a need for control , do not thrive here.  Sooner or later they will leave with the realization that this is not a happy land for them.  This place offers deep realization and transformation to the soul and only when one is ready will he find his content place here.  Each of us living here went through some stages of poverty, richness , losing control, letting go and finding God.  We welcome everyone and we do not hold anyone.  We know that some of our children, when they grow up, will desire to venture out into the other lands and learn their lessons, and maybe one day they will return.  We encourage them to do that.

We extend our hospitality to you, traveler, to stay and live your dream.   And if you desire to leave, we celebrate your decision and set you out on your journey with enough food and money to last you until you reach the next land.”

And that is how the traveler found Goodland, and he lived there happily ever after. And if he has not died yet he is still living there until today.

~ The End ~

The moral of this story is that pride and fear are products of ego and control.  Love transforms, heals and nourishes dreams so that they may come true.

Love and Light from my heart to yours,


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