About Eva

Daily Blessings with Eva MarquezEva Marquez is a spiritual consultant, healer, and writer. She resides with her family in South Carolina. Her mission is to assist humanity to transform fears into love.

Spiritual Consultant:  During her sessions Eva brings back memories of infinite love from God, for love is the essence of God, the most profound energy you carry within yourself, and you are worthy of this love. She walks with you on your life path journey, and shows you that there is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel, and that your hope and faith will lead you not only toward the light, but will ignite your own light within. Eva rekindles your ancient forgotten knowledge so you can illuminate all the fears that may be holding you back from regaining your personal power. Knowledge is the power that awakens your unique abilities and your birthright to happiness and abundance in this world.

Love, light and knowledge give birth to wisdom. Through wisdom the soul begins the healing journey of returning back home to its original creator.

Healer:  Eva is dedicated in assisting those who need healing on all levels. Eva works with people who have terminal illness, mothers who are expecting a child with birth defects, those who have fallen into deep depression or despair, those who have lost all hope, those who are suffocated by fear, those that feel all alone, those that have been abused both physically and mentally, and anyone else requesting her services.

Eva also works with many starseeds, and assists them in activating their DNA for the purpose of awakening their ancient memories and unique abilities so that they may apply these to their Earth’s life mission, and use them in their everyday life.

Writer:  Eva is an author of two eBooks that can be found on Amazon Kindle.