Daily Blessings with Eva

Daily Blessings

Would you like to receive Daily Blessings for your everyday life and at the same time be in service to others?

If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect service for you.

What is a Daily Blessing?

A Daily Blessing is a form of energy work. It could become a small or a big part of your daily routine, depending on your goals and what you wish to accomplish. It is intended to enhance the quality of your life, fill you with unconditional love that lets you know that you are never alone, shine light to illuminate your path, and bring you clarity and knowledge to help dissolve limitations so that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

I do send the same blessings to all humanity and Earth every day despite if they are on my list or not. But for those who decide to be part of my list, I like to pay extra attention to their particular needs because I know who they are, and if there is something I can do, I do it.

How can you be in service to others?

When you join this Daily Blessing group you are welcome to contact me, and let me know what you would like me to focus on and send the energy for. It can be anything as long as it is positive – health, abundance, happiness, peace, love, etc. If I create something for you or become inspired for you, I will share it with everyone else in the group! Together we will give meaning to whatever you are going through, and at the same time help others to understand or brighten the light for their particular issues as well.

This is the kind of service that while helping yourself, you are creating something amazing for others as well! As you grow, we all grow! I love to see everyone change their life for the better, and build the future they desire. I am grateful I can be a small part of this.

You can join for one month or for a longer period of time. You will never be hassled or hear fear based messages that “you have to continue in these blessing or something bad will happen”. The choice is yours. I honor free will and I am grateful I can be in service to you, and to the whole humanity and Earth!

How this works:

I will send blessings twice a day, every day (7 days a week).

Morning blessings are sent with the sunrise in South Carolina. I send blessings so that you may create an effortless and productive day, that all obstacles that come your way are seen as clearly as possible, and that you go forward to achieve all that you desire. I send blessings of love, so that you know you are never alone and your soul family is always there alongside you. Blessings of light to shine upon your life path, so that you are never lost in the darkness. Blessings of knowledge to elevate you into the realms where you may find the answers you seek.

Evening blessings are sent after sundown at the end of the day in South Carolina. As quoted by Wayne Dyer, “It is a blessing of gratitude for the day, a thank you to the universal intelligence, that we call God for everything that has manifested in your life.”

You can access this energy at any time throughout the day at your convenience, and do not need to be awake at any of these times I have specified.

When working with energy, it is well known that time does not matter, and that when someone sends you energy, the energy is there, just waiting for you to accept and receive it. You can, at anytime of the day, consciously call for this energy or just be in trust that you are receiving these blessings.

For this monthly service I ask for a $25 donation per month as an energy exchange. If you would like to be on my list, please use the donation button below to make your $25 donation. Once the donation is received I will contact you confirming that I have placed you on the “Daily Blessings List”. If you honestly cannot afford this donation, you can contact either Tom or myself and you can offer some other form of energy exchange.

NOTE: You can make this a recurring monthly donation by checking the appropriate box after clicking on the donation button. This will allow PayPal to automatically deduct your donation on a monthly basis until you decide to un-enroll.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love and Light ~ Eva