Soul Healing

Soul Healing

When a disease manifests in a physical body, in many cases, it could be a soul’s cry for help. The physical body is simply a vessel for the soul. Since the soul is invisible to the naked eye, we tend to fret over our physical body, and forget about our souls. Thus, diseases and emotional problems will keep returning like boomerangs until you hear your soul pleading for assistance.

True soul healing originates from within the soul, this allows the soul to grow. Same as the saying “true beauty shines from within”; true healing has to come starting from within your soul and expanding to your physical body.

When an energy healer shines her light to her client the light comes from a God/Universe source. She and the recipient connect on a soul level. Healing light first enters the soul before descending into the physical body. This healing is based on a soul agreement done with each individual receiving healing energy prior to the healing, often even before current incarnation.

In spiritual growth, the soul healing is an essential step toward ascension and enlightenment. This part of work has to be done on Earth in your physical body. Trauma that happened on Earth in this lifetime or past lifetimes create soul trauma, PTSD, and has to be healed on Earth. While going through soul healing, you will enter a period of transformation that will gradually change you and move you closer to your original self while still in the physical body. This is the kind of work you want to master if you do not want to return back to Earth any more.

How do you achieve this by yourself? By listening to your soul, inner whispers of the essence of your true self, and the slow, but steady conscious transformation. Simply imagine your physical body as a vehicle you use for transportation and the choices you are able to make. Most cars that run on gas, greatly pollute Earth, break easily, corrode, life expectancy is not great, eventually creating problem after problem. Now imagine a car running on solar power. Clean, efficient, with a longer life expectancy, and on top of that no pollution for our environment. Your soul is the engine to your body, gas represents low vibration energy (shame, guilt, despair, grief, desire, anger, hate, pride) and solar power symbolizes higher vibration energy (trust, willingness, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, love, joy, peace and enlightenment) that helps your soul heal and grow. The choice is always yours.

Connection with higher dimensions is available when you take care of your body and soul. When your soul discovers that dimensions can operate on solar power, you are healing your soul. Suddenly communication with beings of light and telepathy will become natural and you will rediscover many of God’s other natural and wonderful gifts you have been blessed with.

Soul healing opens the door to transformation. Cosmic and spiritual energy are constantly available to all of us. When you reach its frequency you consciously connect to higher dimensions while still in the physical body. This is a very slow process. Your guides may communicate with you, or you may find a true teacher on earth. True teachers are rare to find, but they are here. Self spiritual work, discipline and love will all be your allies on this journey.

While you are going through soul healing and transformation you will re-open part of yourself that you have consciously forgotten. You may encounter many fears along the way. When this happens put your hands on your stomach, (your 3rd chakra) and feel those fears. You can never outrun these fears, but they will not harm you as long as you are aware of them for what they are. Then, once you have received conscious knowledge of them imagine yourself in the most safe place you can imagine. Breathe deeply and tell yourself, “I am safe. I am safe. I am safe.” Let those fears be transformed into peace and love by your thoughts of safety. All fears that were there to protect you or warn you are now no longer necessary. It is important to send that message to your body and your soul so that they can be released.

Next, is the surface of good memories. These memories may manifest in your life as strong passion for particular activities, food, and different people. You will find this familiar and comforting because your soul remembers them. You have already done it before, perhaps several times.

Often people find this part exciting and believe that all problems can be solved in minutes. However, much work still needs to be done until you are in harmony with the Universe. Your past is part of your unique energy and bountiful with wisdom. At this time you will start consciously working on your past lives healing process. With the conscious knowledge of your past lives you will be able to heal scars and bruises on your soul, enrich your current life, and get closer to enlightenment.

Love and Light,

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