Starseed’s Energy Power Center – EPC

 Energy Power Center – EPC

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, each star nation has its own signature abilities. In our human body we have what I call Energy Power Center (EPC). This energy power center is connected to your strongest ability depending on your DNA. This is the place where you receive the energy information and process the information. You also emanate and vibrate energy out of this center. This EPC may be connected with your chakra, or maybe two or more chakras merged together. It depends on your DNA. If you have single DNA, you have one EPC. If you have merged DNA, you have two or more EPCs.

For example, Adromedan’s EPC is in their third chakra. They are amazing healers and clairsentients. The ability to feel the energy is their strongest ability. I believe that a vast number of Adromedans are incarnated at this time on Earth. They are energy master healers and teachers.  These Starseeds have amazing abilities to heal physical illnesses without harmful chemicals. They have the ability to guide our body through self-healing processes, and I believe they can heal most, if not all, physical illnesses.

If you are a hybrid, for example Andromedan/Pleiadian, you will have two EPCs — third and fourth chakra. (They will not be merged together, unless you are so spiritually progressed and practice your abilities to the extent that you are able to merge them together – this step will be yours to make).

These centers can work independently, together or one at a time. It is similar to being right-handed and also left-handed. You can use one hand at a time or both. Usually, when a hybrid Starseed awakens or is about to awaken, he/she feels various abilities manifesting, and one of them is usually stronger than the other. This may be very confusing. In the beginning, until you learn to work and control your abilities, the one that you need most at the time will be the strongest. This is usually for the purpose of self-healing. While you are going through the process of self-healing you are learning invaluable lessons on how to help others.

For example, suppose you had a very hard life, a difficult childhood, and you discover that you have ovarian cancer. The doctors may tell you that you have a fifty-percent chance to survive. Many times, and especially with Adromedans, awakening comes at difficult times of physical illness. You may feel drawn to the energy healing as you do not have too many choices now. You most probably will be drawn to quickly study energy healing modalities. Your Pleiadian DNA will kick in first, and as you start putting healing hands on yourself and practice self-healing, you will start releasing all emotional issues that are stored inside your body. Many times illness is created in the emotional body and then descends into the physical body and manifests itself. When you are done with releasing and healing your soul, your Adromedan DNA will kick in to heal your physical body.

Your EPC is the most important center in your body. It is in a place where your strongest ability is centered. Each energy center not only serves as a major receiver, it also emanates and vibrates your energy to others. When you identify what your EPC is, you should focus all your energy on understanding and developing this ability. Once you master it to understand and use your ability, the other abilities will open as well. It is like building a house — you need to have a good foundation before you add the walls and roof. Your foundation is to open and understand your EPC. It does not matter if it is to feel/hear or see or communicate telepathically, etc. It depends on where your soul came from. You will need to go back to the beginning to refresh all of what you have already learned and then build upon it.

If you have two or more EPCs, it may be overwhelming to work on all of them at the same time. Start work on the one center that you feel drawn to most of the time, and then follow your intuition and develop the others.

 Third Eye Dilemma

I consult many frustrated Starseeds who come to me with the desire to open their third eye. The bottom line is if your EPC is not located in your brow chakra, you will hardly have visions before nurturing the other abilities first.  If you are a Pleiadian, the first thing you will notice is extreme empathy and emotional energy surging in waves over your body, especially your fourth chakra. You will experience lots and lots of emotions that may be difficult to explain.  You may feel them as warm, tingly, cold, good, unpleasant, bad, etc.  You may even feel there is something physically wrong with your heart.

A quick remedy is to learn to read the energy imprints in your body first – in your heart (in the case of a Pleiadian) – and understand what they mean. Pleiadians usually choose to study energy healing modalities and have a strong connection to the healing crystals, which helps them to understand the meaning of energies.  Once working with and understanding energies are accomplished, you are ready to increase your psychic ability to see things and to develop clairvoyance.  It usually takes time and practice in the same way as learning to ride a bike. You may develop many more abilities if you practice them, but your EPC will always be your strongest point. You can learn how to combine and strengthen your abilities and use them to help yourself and others.

List of EPC

Andromeda – third chakra

Arcturus – fourth and fifth chakra, often merged together

Alpha Aries – second

Atlantis – first and seventh chakra (first is stronger)

Centaurus – fifth and others (These beings have merged DNA with other star nations — Sirius, Lyra, Adromeda, Plieades — so the EPC will vary depending how they are merged.)

Centaurus – Dinosaurians – fifth and a place between the third and fourth chakra

Bellatrix – fifth, sixth and seventh  (separately not merged)

Bird Star Nation – sixth and third chakra

Epsilon Eridani – fourth and fifth chakra (merged together)

Lyra – fifth chakra and whole body golden light vibration (when trained can use whole body)

Mintaka – sixth chakra

Orion – sixth and seventh chakra (merged together)

Pegasus – fifth chakra

Pleiades – fourth chakra

Rigel – sixth and seventh chakra (merged together)

Sirian – sixth chakra

Virgo – third and sixth chakra (merged together in a laser beam)

Working with your EPC – Exercise 

1 – Call for your guides to assist you.  ” I ask and thank you for my guides from the highest vibration to connect with me at this time.”

2 – Focus on the energy below your feet and imagine a silver light rising up from the center of the Earth. This light enters your Earth chakra and raises up to the souls of your feet, your ankles, your knees, your hips, your first Base chakra, your second Sacral chakra, then your third Solar Plexus chakra, your Heart chakra, your Throat chakra, your brow chakra, your crown chakra and out through the top of your head this silver energy leaves your body and raises upward until it reaches your Star Soul chakra  and your home planet.  Now one more time focus on the energy in the Earth – bellow your feet.  Now your energy is opened and grounded.

3 – Place the palm of your hand about 1-2 inches from your EPC and spin your hand in a slow, clockwise motion (like you are a clock and your hand is the clock hand) a few times to generate energy in your EPC.  Imagine that your EPC is getting bigger and bigger – like a cloud of energy.  Take slow deep breaths and imagining that you are opening your EPC.  Feel it expand in all directions, creating an energy ring all around you.  Your energy ring may have particular color that is significant to your star nation.

4 – In your mind connect with your home world.  A simple through such: “I ask and thank you to be connected with Pleiades, or with my home world…” is enough. Imagine light coming down to you through your Star Soul Chakra  and entering your energy field until it reaches your 7th chakra.  You will feel the energy as a subtle impact as it enters your physical body.  Then the light will follow through the other chakras – one at the time – downward, until the light reaches your EPC. When you reach the location of your EPC the light will merge with your EPC and expands your EPC even more.

5 – Ask questions.

With your breath calm and deep form a question and wrap this question in a ball of light, then send your question (the ball of light) from your EPC up into your Star Soul chakra – into the Universe.  Release the question into the Universe or in your home world and take a few slow breaths in between.  Then call for your ball of light to come back to you.  Imagine the light moving back down to your EPC and then listen with all your energy and senses for the answer to your question.  Perhaps you can see pictures, colors; you can get a feeling, receive telepathic information, hear a voice or just know the answer to your question.  Be open to all sorts of communication.

You can ask the question: What should I know about today?  What should I know?  What is my mission?  Etc.

When you are done, thank your guides and ask them to assist you to close your EPC.  Imagine your energy in your EPC is pulling in (same like closing your chakras).  Then “zip up” your energy while tracing the central meridian.  Put your hand at the bottom of your central meridian which is at your pubic bone.  Take a deep breath in as you simultaneously move your hand with deliberation straight up to the center of your body, to end of your forehead.  Repeat this 3 times.  The central meridian is the energy pathway that governs your central nervous system and “zipping it up” will help you to protect yourself from feeling other people’s feelings and energy.

Love and Light,


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