Trinity – Atlantean Teaching

Trinity – Atlantean Teaching

Connect with your unconscious – lower self & conscious – middle self & subconscious high self and become your ancient true self.

The physical body is a temporary vehicle to the everlasting soul.  Your soul freely chose to come into the physical body for a certain period of time, and then can journey to the other incredible places in the Universe or could incarnate back on Earth.  For various reasons you as a Being of Light have chosen to incarnate on Earth numerous times since its beginning and you are often called an old soul by many.  Indeed, you are an incredibly old soul!

So how did it all start?  Your life on Earth started somewhere during the times of Ancient Lemuria or Atlantis.  Your Light body, and what we can call now a lower self,  lowered its high universal vibration into the 3D Earth density to physically enter the Earth.  Since the first time you came on Earth, you started to create your Earth past.  All your Earth past and memory is encoded within your lower self, your past soul energy of your Earth past lives.  Your lower self is your best Earth helper.  It is a part of your energy that is uniquely connected to the Earth energies.  It is your little treasure box, literary a time capsule, that you can connect with again and again every time you incarnate.  It can also be referred to as the unconscious mind.

So why I do not remember all my past lives?  Our conscious memory has “amnesia” from the incarnating process.  Lowering vibration from higher D into the lower 3D causes memory loss – same as incarnation.  This is something we learned early in Atlantis and it was not a happy discovery.  We had to learn a lot about our life on Earth, how to survive and how to consciously and fully reconnect with the one and all.

We realized that on Earth our Light Body is combined of three different parts of energy.  Our lower self that is deeply connected to the Earth energies, Earth based emotion (something new or different to us). Our lower self energy also governs our physical Earth meridians in our physical body.  Our Earth meridians are small intestines, kidney, triple warmer, liver, large intestines, spleen and central meridian.  Our lower self is our “survival mode”.  Our lower self makes us human and helps us to survive in the human’s realm and body.

Now we “jump” into the third part.  In Ancient Atlantis we were still quite well connected to our higher self.  Our higher self can be referred to as supper-conscious mind.  The part of us that is always connected with the Universal energy, one with everything.  Our higher self governs our universal meridians in our physical body.  Those are heart, bladder, circulation/sex, gall bladder, lung, stomach and governing meridian.

And all this is connected to the second part, middle part and that is YOU, your current self, your conscious mind, your physical body, your chakras, your meridians and your energy field.  It is YOU and YOU are the most important part of these three parts.  You are the one who can make the mountains move.  You are the one who can bring the most amazing discoveries to human kind.  You are the one who can make Earth healthy or sick.  You are the one who has whole future in your own hands.  Indeed, you are the creator of everything that has to come.

These three parts of Human/Light being are called Trinity. 1 – lower self, 2- current self, 3 – higher self

In ancient days, we were connected to our all three selves.  Then as the time progressed, not everyone thrived toward the light and people became more selfish and self-serving.  The teaching of Trinity decreased until it was almost forgotten.

Learning to work with the Trinity will bridge the gaps between each of three selves and most importantly reconnect three selves into one!  Further mentioned exercises will guide you back into the Ancient Atlantis, back into your roots.  I like to refer Trinity work as a rainbow bridge from subconscious to conscious and to super- conscious mind of your whole entity. This will assist you to feel closer to yourself. While practicing and learning how the three selves can grow and progress as one ,you will learn effectively communicate with them, and use their help on every day basis.  This will assist you on your mission and in your spiritual evolution.


Lower Self:

Lower self could be loyal and good servant to you, working hard for all your being, assisting you for your highest good, it is also referred as unconscious mind. Current self, you, is your conscious mind.

First it is important to establish good communication with your low self so it can be useful to you in your everyday life.

Lover self can act as your faithful servant, running errands and assisting you in many ways.  Since it is connected to the many realms, it has access to the collective knowledge and experience of the human kind.  Your lower self will happily share its knowledge and experience with another part of itself.

You can summon your lower self, and it is bound to work with you and answer you.  However, you have to practice this communication.  This may take a little while as any new acquired skill you are learning.  Also please know that this communication should be used only for your highest good – you cannot ask your lower self to do “dirty” for you – work that does not serve your highest good.

Find a quiet place, relax and call for your lower self: “ I ask you and thank you for the presence of my lower self so we can discuss our mutual cooperation.” You may repeat your request until you feel that your lower self heard you.  You may feel something or not.  Imagine that your lower self is with you, and if you would like to, you can find it a name – but you do not have to.

Imagine that your lower self is a child and you will have to talk to it like to a child and explain what you expect from him/her.  Be clear in your directions and remember he/she is a child and that child is you.  It will need numerous opportunities to express its individuality and to grow.  In a way, in soul years, it is your younger self.  It will also need great deal of guidance and directions.  You will “train” your lower self, give clear and precise orders and expect faithful obedience.   When you start work with your lower self ask for simple things as to alert you at exact time.  When you develop good relationship with your lower self and know how it works you can ask to help you to cut down on bad habit like stop smoking, loose weigh, help you recall past lives, etc.  This can grow into wonderful relationship and your lower self can become your important helper.


Higher Self

Higher self, your subconscious mind, is far advanced of your middle self.  Your high self would like to have the same cooperation with you, your middle self, as your low self.  The higher self is your super-conscious mind, the more evolved, intelligent part of your being and is connected with divine.  You can also think of it as your future self.  Through your higher self you can open your mind and channel any information you need.

Find a quiet place, relax and call for your high self.

Now focus on your breath. Take a deep slow breath into your belly and exhale fully – all the breath out. Repeat this several times until you feel calm and relaxed.

Take another full breath and upon exhaling release all the tension from the body.

Take another full breath and upon exhaling release all your stress.

Take another full breath and upon exhaling release all your worries.

Take another full breath and upon exhaling release all the cellular memory that no longer serves you in positive way.

Take another full breath and upon exhaling release all your doubts.

Take another full breath and upon exhaling release all your expectation.

For a little time experience, enjoy this quiet place. You feel calm, peaceful, relax. If the thoughts come into your mind, just acknowledge them and let them go.

Now call for your higher self and ask him/her to connect with you.  Notice energy, how do you feel him/her, in which part of your body you feel the energy.  Tell hi/her that you would like to work with him/her on everyday basis.  Share that you are ready to listen his/her wisdom.  Share that you would like to have his/her guidance.  Then just sit quietly and notice what you feel.  Do you hear something?  Do you feel something?  Does some idea, impression come to your mind?

Once you know the “feel” of your high self, you can just call for him/her and ask the questions and let the immersions come to your body or mind.

Let’s say that for example your will ask your higher self will give you idea what you have to do to improve your health.  Let any impression to come to your body or mind.  Then call for your lower self and ask her to assist you in this.  Again be clear in what you want to help with from your lower self.


Middle Self

The middle self – YOU – , your conscious mind, can learn to be in contact with higher self and lower self at all times.  They can assist you in putting all information and inspiration into your life work.  Together you can manage to make them cooperate in harmony and for your highest spiritual development.


Last Words for Now

This is just beginning of the amazing journey you are taking in this lifetime. Never be afraid of what you sense, of what you remember and always question on why it had happened.  Should you repeat the pattern or should you change it.  The future is in your own hands.  You came on Earth so many times and yet as “upset” you get at times, you return again until you are done.  The whole Universe has your back and wish that you will remember as much as you can, as much as your energy will allow you and just then you will discover that perhaps you can prolong the time in your Earth body and do not need to stress through the incarnating process until your work is done.  Some people will feel they work is done and some not and they will decide to come back.  We have a choice.  No one can give you the manual on life, but assistance and guidance has always been available to us through ancient teachings, new channelings and true teachers among us.

May the infinite Love always be in your heart and may the Light always shine in your infinite soul. ~ Eva

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  1. Great article. Gives me a lot to think about, but also answers a lot of my questions. Thank you!

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