Understanding the Starseed DNA

Understanding the Starseed DNA

 Each star nation has its unique abilities that are natural and particular to their own kind.  You as a starseed carry signature DNA from your home world, which is merged with human DNA so you can survive on Earth. You have the same ability as the beings from your home world.  Yes, you do.  The only difference is that your ability may be lying dormant for now and needs to be re-awakened.

The knowledge of what your mission is and how to use your abilities is coded inside of you, in your signature DNA.  No one can give you this gift.  Other starseeds or spiritual teachers can assist you and have been sent to Earth to assist you in awakening your DNA.  They guide you until you are ready to do it yourself.

Once you start the awakening process and activate your DNA, you will experience transformation on all planes.  You will increase your sensitivity in your five basic senses, perhaps become oversensitive for a while and awaken beyond your five–sensory being.  You will tune in with your intuition more than before.  Expansion of your psychic and healing abilities will occur, as will the abilities that are unique to your star nation.  This may seem a little confusing and scary.  So, it is important to realize that in what you are experiencing you are not crazy. You can release whatever fear this experience causes.  Seek information. Know that you are different for a reason.

Feeling an urge to study and improve natural abilities is normal.  Huge highs and lows in available energy and mood swings are also normal. Once you start practicing your abilities and attune your light body to the love and light energy, you will be able to hold higher frequencies in your body and raise your vibration.  Consciously you will connect with your guides and they will assist you to discover your higher purpose in your life, if you wish it so.  We live in a free will zone.  All you need is to ask your guides what you wish from them, what kind of help you need. Please be very specific on what you want, and then look for signs.  The right guides who come from Love and Light frequency will not force themselves on you.  This is important to remember!  Once you awaken your DNA, you will be closer to your home and with time will understand your mission.

You may also search for a spiritual teacher.  How do you know whom to choose?  The best spiritual teacher is the one, who assists you during a time of need; who provides the knowledge, tools and guidance. The one, who teaches you about healthy self-confidence, the law of free will, and teaches you believing in you. Right spiritual teacher is the one who shows you that you are an essential part of the Universe and that the Universe is an essential part of you.  The one who shows you how to walk and then let you take your steps, even if you have to fall and scrape your knee.  Your spiritual teacher may not always have all the answers, but will guide you how to find them.  Perhaps it is you who should discover the answers to your questions and teach them to others.  This is the best gift that your spiritual teacher can give to you.


Starseed or Hybrid Starseed?  Difference Between Single DNA and Merged DNA

 Starseeds have single, one star nation DNA combined with their human DNA.  Hybrid starseeds have merged DNA, two or more star nations merged together combined with their human DNA.  It can be for example Pleidian/Sirian, Pleidian/Sirian/Reptilian, Lyran/Adromedan, etc.  There are many, many possibilities.

In the highly evolved spiritual Universe there is no discrimination between single DNA or hybrid DNA beings.  There is no better or worse.  We are all equal, and each of us is unique and has something special to offer other.

You can ask how a soul can originate from two or more different star systems. The answer is simple.  One ancestor is from one system and the other is from a different system. This is the same when people move and migrate to other parts on the Earth.  Star beings move and migrate to different star systems as well.  They find each other interesting.  They are no different than us.

There is one more reason why starseeds have their DNA merged.  Lyrans are founders of this technique.  Briefly, back in ancient times, after the destruction of Atlantis, many star nations decided to combine their DNA.  They purposely created hybrid starseeds with the intent that these hybrid starseeds have a wider variety of abilities, are more resilient to the dark side and are well equipped to assist in the Earth’s evolution when the time comes.


 DNA with Influence

The other interesting fact about starseeds is that you may learn that you are for example Pleiadian, and reading confirms that you have single Pleiadian DNA, but you feel strongly connected to other star nations as well.  Pleiades is the place where your soul was created.  However, you may have spent a life or more in different star systems and studied their teachings, thus you will have their spiritual DNA.  Their teachings, philosophy and way of life will imprint into your soul.  This may be a little confusing at first.

I do readings for starseeds where I strongly feel that they have single DNA, but I also feel strong influences from other star nations.  In a reading I could see that they went to study at the other star nation’s schools, and lived in their star system, on their planets.  Thus they knew how to use the other star nation’s unique abilities as well, and it may feel like a home to them.

Their own Energy Power Center (EPC – you will read more in my next blog post on EPC) – their unique ability – will be the strongest.  However, they can use other abilities they acquired through study from the other star nations where they were.  I call this DNA with influence.

For example, I had a client who is from Alpha Centauri, and we established that she had Lyran/Sirian/Reptilian DNA, and I also sensed strong connection to Andromeda.  This lady even had an Adromedan healing guide.  But I did not sense Adromedan DNA.  In a reading we learned that she was raised, soon after her creation, in an Andromedan home.  She studied there first before she learned modalities from her own home planet.  It is like if you were born in Czech Republic, but raised in USA — you have your Czech DNA, but a huge energy imprint from a life in USA.  So this lady has three EPCs, plus she can use the Andromedan’s EPC as well.

In another example, I read for a lady whose soul was created in ancient Atlantis.  Her energy is very much connected to Earth and she has a strong connection to the Mineral Kingdom.  She has an Adromedan guide.  In a reading we learned that her Andromedan guide is actually her father creator, and that her mother was from Atlantis.  She has Human/Atlantinien/Andromedan DNA.  She had not lived on other star planets than Earth.  She is an old soul, but for now her mission is to incarnate on Earth and assist in the Earth’s evolution until she is done with the cycle.  One day she will join her Adromedan father and will have a life on Andromeda.

Love and Light,


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